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Evolution Of A Qualified Faucet

In each of the processes, all parts of a faucet are processed to perfection down to every detail.

raw copper material for manufacturing faucets


forged faucet


faucet trimmed treatment


faucet ground treatment


faucet polished treatment


faucet electroplated treatment


Explore The QC Processes

Raw Material Inspection

We accept and use only lead-free brass from well-known suppliers.

Upon receiving the brass, we will examine the exact chemical component using spectrograph. By doing so, we ensure that the lead content is qualified with cUPC standards and all faucets we made will not do harm to people's health.

lead free brass material inspection with a spectrograph

Tolerance Inspection

BWE sets permissible tolerances for all processed parts to regulate the whole manufacturing process.

The forged faucet body and all parts must be tested to ensure they are in tight tolerance and will not affect the assembly process.

tolerance inspection on a faucet with a micrometer calipers

Polishing Inspection

After polishing, our faucets go through the polishing inspection – ensuring there is no imperfection such as scratches or nicks.

Once detected, our experienced artisans will wipe away potential scratches left by the forge using fast spinning wheels, making sure the faucets are polished to a flawless shine.

conducting polishing inspection

Electroplating Inspection

BWE faucets come in a full lineup of finishes options ranging from chrome to nickel brush, gold to wire drawing.

To deliver the desired look, the electroplated parts and faucets will go through a very picky process by visual inspection.

inspecting electroplating surface of a bathroom faucet

Tightness Inspection

After assembly, all faucets will be tested by water and pressure testing machines to ensure that there is no air or water leakage.

All products with defects detected in the process will be weeded out and returned to the previous workshop for troubleshooting.

tightness inspection on a black faucet