Faucet Accessories

Faucet accessories and parts at rock-bottom prices

No matter how durable they are, all things tend to succumb to the rigors of daily use at some point in their service life. Faucets are no exception. But even if failures occur, you can save your customers the trouble of shelling out for new systems. Here we wholesale faucet parts for a myriad of basin types so that you can provide your clientele with more affordable repairs and replacements.

With an eye to our successful partnership, we tailor our prices to your business needs. Go bulk and get a huge discount with BWE!

Available sink faucet accessories and parts

Our range of faucet parts includes everything your customers might need for repairs and installation. Take a closer peek at:

  • pop-up drains
  • hoses
  • cover plates
  • towel bars and toilet paper holders

They come in a plethora of finishes to match the faucets you sell. From oil rubbed bronze to traditional chrome and fancy gold, you can easily choose your perfect fit.

What’s more, all our Chinese faucet accessories boast cUPC quality. To ensure compliance with industry standards, we triple-check the materials we use – be it stainless steel or brass – at the chemical level. We then polish every part so that it looks nothing but flawless and is ready to be added to your product catalog.

Request a sample from your go-to faucet parts manufacturer

Like with our faucets, you can get a sample of BWE parts and accessories to test the waters. It’s a wise thing to do before ordering them in bulk. You don’t want to buy some item just to realize it doesn’t cut it for your company’s products. That is why we recommend that you request a sample for free to make sure it’s what you’re looking for.

At BWE, we wholesale faucet accessories to local and international businesses. And we can deliver our product samples beyond borders, too.

Make the most of favorable MOQ terms

Are you only getting started with your store? Chances are, you can’t afford large MOQs that other faucet parts suppliers expect you to order. That’s when working with BWE can be a boon.

We are proud to set a business-friendly MOQ for faucet stores and retailers. With us, the least amount of stock you need to order to qualify for wholesale prices is only 50 pieces. We are looking forward to helping your company grow!