Kitchen Faucets

Enjoy the flawless water flow with our quality kitchen taps

Are you planning to renovate your home to give it a fresh look and replace some old pipes and valves? Or maybe you run a business and are looking for a reliable supplier of sanitary engineering products? At BWE, we manufacture and distribute top-notch taps and accessories that will surely help you. Here, you can buy kitchen faucets at wholesale or retail that will fit even the most sophisticated design and serve you well for many years. Order them on our website if you want to see how our unique production technologies can improve your life.

Why choose BWE as your kitchen faucets’ supplier?

To ensure our faucets will serve you for many years to come, we make them from stainless steel, bronze, and brass. Our pros carefully inspect every detail before putting them up for sale. That’s why when you buy kitchen faucets online from the BWE store, you can rest assured that they won’t fail you.

Here you will find taps with unique designs invented by our company’s most creative minds. Feel free to pick from dozens of models of the following types:

  • Deck mount faucets. These models can be installed on a flat surface and usually have one handle for temperature and flow regulation.
  • Pull-out and pull-down faucets. We offer you small rotating one-handle taps and higher luxurious models that require a big sink.
  • Pot filler faucets. This kind of kitchen taps is designed to spare you from the necessity of putting your dishes into the sink to fill them with water.
  • Wall mount faucets. You can create more usable space around your sink with these taps that are installed on vertical surfaces.

When you order products from such an experienced kitchen faucet manufacturer as BWE, you can rest assured that they correspond to the international quality standards. We apply the most efficient manufacturing and processing methods to reach the desired results, which pays off greatly for our customers and us.

Order our kitchen faucets online with discounts

If you want to save yourself the trouble of visiting the brick-and-mortar DIY stores in your area, our website is the solution. With us, you will get top-rated sanitary engineering equipment at the best prices without the need to leave your home. We cooperate with the best carrier companies on the market to deliver your purchases in no more than a few business days. As we distribute our goods ourselves, the shipping process usually goes fast and smooth.

Contact us any time if you need help with making a decision or have questions to ask. We are happy to give you full information about our products. Choose BWE to get professional advice from the best kitchen faucets manufacturers.