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Sanitary engineering equipment breaks down quite often if it is made of substandard materials with the use of outdated technologies. It results in extra spending and may even cost you the newly made bathroom renovation. If you want to make sure your bathroom equipment won’t fail you one day, you have to find a trusted manufacturer that puts a premium on the quality of its merchandise. Here at BWE, we retail and wholesale bathroom faucets of various types and models that acquired plenty of international certificates like CUPC, CE, NSF, A1953, and others.

We have been operating in the field since 2008, continually developing and improving our production processes. Our company’s manufacturing facilities cover 8,000 square meters, allowing us to operate on a large scale. We pride ourselves on having the best team of researchers, developers, and designers who work diligently to produce top-shelf faucets that meet modern trends. Features that make our merchandise one of the most sought-after on the market include durability, functionality, and aesthetic value.

Explore our company’s bathroom faucets assortment

BWE is the leading industry manufacturer and retailer of sanitary engineering equipment. We use only durable and time-proof materials to produce our products. Thus, you can find stainless steel, bronze, brass, and zinc alloy faucets in our inventory. They will serve you for many years to come, preserving their original appearance.

At our production facilities, we utilize the best equipment in the industry and the most efficient modern technology. We include novelty parts like flow regulators and cartridges into our faucets and implement new manufacturing methods, such as hose blockage and inclination. That’s what makes our products more reliable and easy-to-maintain.

As a top bathroom faucet supplier, we can offer you all of their types:

  • Waterfall. You only need one hole in your sink or bath to install this kind of faucet with one handle for both temperature and flow control.
  • Widespread. Faucets with such a design have two handles for water temperature regulation. You will need a three-hole sink for them.
  • Deck mount. These faucets can be mounted on any flat surface, so you can place them separately from the sink.
  • Vessel sink. Faucets of this type are installed separately from the basin. It makes them more accentuated in the whole bathroom design.
  • Touchless. There are no valves in these faucets. The water starts flowing when you put your hands close to the motion detector.

If you need quality and stylish bathroom equipment, buy them directly from the BWE bath faucet manufacturer. We’re committed to make your shopping experience at our store a sheer pleasure, bringing you the selected products at budget-saving rates.

What makes us the best bathroom faucet manufacturer in China?

Our experience, gained from working in the industry for so long, allows us to be one of the leading companies in the field. If you want to have the best bathroom faucets online shopping experience, choose BWE. We pay close attention to our service so that each customers’ needs are fully satisfied. That’s why we do our best to produce and ship the faucets as fast as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Our friendly managers are always ready to help you with any matter. Send us your feedback by filling the corresponding form on our website so that we can improve our products and services together.