BWE is devoted to 100% original design.Products design inspiration comes from the shape of Natural waterfall,chess,Aladdin's Lamp and so on.

3D Printing:
Turning Inspiration Into Reality

The difference between BWE designers and the others is, we reinterpret inspiration just as genuine artists do, without limitation to manufacturability.

Backing by advanced 3D printing technology, our designers are able to embrace any idea that pops into their minds and then pull it off.

A faucet and its 3D printing model

Creative & Practical Designing Process


Send Your Design/ Idea

Our engineers will provide 3D drawings based on thorough understanding of your needs.


Confirm 3D Drawing

Your final confirmation of the 3D drawing on every detail proceeds our design process.


Mold Design and Making

With precision mold design and professional review, we make sure every design is manufacturable.


Confirm The Sample

We deliver the sample faucet to you to make adjustments on all details if necessary.


Mass Production

With the agreed sample, we arrange to produce flawless faucets under our QC guidelines.

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Designer's Name

"Design is just like water. Ever changing, permeable, and exquisite."

The more we study on water and design, the more we realize that they are basically of the same nature in the end.

Our faucet designing is thus always a perfect presentation of these two different things in form.

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S04 img 5
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Designer's Name

"Aesthetics is nothing without performance when it comes to faucet design."

Faucets vary from one to another. But here at BWE, what is invariable is that we will never separate aesthetics from function.

Designing something that is truly admired by the customers is our sole commitment over the years.

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A 4551 ORB
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A 4553 ORB

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