We has continuously introduced international advanced equipment and technology since foundation which plays a very important role.

Being willing to explore what others feel reluctant to

has been the catalyst for securing BWE as one of the leading, and fastest growing, supplier and manufacturer of bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and shower faucets.

Flow Regulator

Flow Regulator

What’s this? It’s flow regulator

Function:Adjust the water flow rate of your faucet

Three Types:Red<Green<Blue

Our faucet provides an waterfall stream of up to 1.2-1.5 gallons per minute.The significance of BWE is to meet the needs of our customers.Different people have different pursuits for water flow.For this demand,our technology department has realized it through repeated research.You can select according to your preference.

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Our products use SEDAL/Wanhai catridge which passes the certification of Cupc.Use the best material to bring the best guarantee and quality to our customers.

Hose Blockage

Hose Blockage

Eliminate hose blockage,get rid of low water flow.

In order to prevent impurities in the water from blocking the faucet,we add filter screen inside the hose which ensures long-lasting performance.This improvement is based on the feedback and reviews from millions of customers from Amazon,Walmart,Home depot and so on.



Attribute the success to ingenious design,water will not stay at the spout  

Water remains at the spout will accelerate corrosion.

1.Changing the inclination of the faucet

2.Concave arc design

Two changes not only guarantee the best water experience for customers, but also greatly extend the service life of faucet.